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Things you should know before buying Italian Cuckoo Clocks

buying Italian Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo clocks are used to add elegance and a touch of class into our homes. The clocks are normally handcrafted by skilled and experienced craftsmen in Italy. Selecting the best Italian Cuckoo clock is among the most daunting tasks for novices. While most people tend to rush into buying these clocks for beauty and charm, it is advisable to take your time. There are different factors you need to take into consideration before hitting the market to buy these clocks. It does not make sense to purchase the first clock you find on the market because it appears cheaper than you thought. Here is a simple guide to selecting the best Italian Cuckoo Clock for your home.

Battery or manual powered.

Cuckoo clocks can be battered powered or operated manually. Each of these types comes with its advantages and disadvantages. A manual clock requires users to regularly wind them. This can be undertaken once in a day or eight days depending on the brand. There are some cuckoo clocks which are powered using batteries. The battery-powered units do not come with seals of originality. The VDS Association has been tasked with protecting the originality of the clocks hence it does not provide seals for the battery-powered gadgets.

Winding frequency

The manually operated clocks required frequent winding. The winding has to be undertaken once per day or on a weekly basis. It is upon you to decide which of these options you are comfortable with before making your final choice. If you are comfortable with one which is powered on a daily basis or weekly then you can go for the same.

Cuckoo bird’s sound

These gadgets tend to mimic the sounds and movements of the cuckoo birds. The clocks tend to vary in terms of the sound and pitch. Buyers must look at the size of the bellows in order to determine the loudness and depth of the sound. Most of them come with a pendulum for effective performance. There are also some that feature a nighttime shut off that enables users to shut off the sound without interfering with different night activities.


Buyers need to look for clocks that can perfectly blend with the surrounding to give a unique look. Find a clock that will add beauty to your home.


Finding original clocks is not easy. It is recommended to purchase from reputable dealers on the market. Compare different dealers within your reach before purchasing Cuckoo clocks for your home use.